Admission ad opening times


From Thursday to Sunday 08.30 a.m. – 01.30 p.m.

Opening with appointment: with an adequate advance (10 days) it is possible to request an extraordinary opening of the building at


Free entry


Guided tours:

To rent an audio-guide or to book a guided tour please contact:

Turismo FVG - Ufficio di Aquileia

Via Iulia Augusta

Parking / Bus terminal

33051 Aquileia (UD)

Tel.: 0431-919491

Fax: 0431-919491


For information about educational activities and themed itineraries, call the Museum’s teaching office at 043191035.


The Museum hasn’t got a cloackroom.


The Early Christian Museum is accessible to people with motor disabilities exclusively for the ground floor.


Smoking or eating and drinking inside the museum is not allowed. It is also strictly forbidden to climb on the structures or walk on the mosaics, as well as to dirty and / or damage in any way the finds preserved therein.

In order to allow a pleasant visit to all categories of public, visitors have to adopt a behavior appropriate to a public place, containing the volume of mobile phones and other electronic devices and to avoid shouting in respect of others.


Taking photos without flash is allowed. It’s not possible to bring supports as tripods, easels… Shootings must be of a general nature and intended for the personal use of the visitor. If the user requests the use of flash and other photographic equipment or the filming has a professional nature, it’s necessary to obtain prior authorization from the “Ministero dei Beni e della Attività Culturali e del Turismo”. It consists of a form to be delivered with a minimum of 15 days in advance  (for information contact 0431-91035).