Early Christian Museum

The Early Christian Museum of Aquileia has been included in the Polo Museale of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

It is a very evocative museum, with its peculiar characteristics. In it the concepts of "museum" and "archaeological area" coexist in perfect symbiosis: the current building, in fact, corresponds to the last of a series of renovations carried out over the course of 15 centuries on the site of one of the early Christian basilicas of Aquileia . The complex, built outside the ancient city walls, became a monastery of the Benedictine order over the centuries, only to undergo new modifications and definitively change its destination.

The building has been a museum since 1961. In addition to the remains of the early Christian Basilica and its polychrome mosaics, which emerged during the archaeological investigations, inside are collected the splendid mosaics from the Early Christian Basilica of the Tullio alla Beligna, some other mosaics from Aquileia, as well as the huge epigraphic collection of Christian inscriptions belonging to the Aquileia site.


Aquileia Early Christian Museum

Piazza Pirano, 1

Loc. Monastero

33051, Aquileia (UD)


tel: +39 0431 91131


Via Roma,1

33051, Aquileia (UD)


tel: +39 0431 91035

fax: +39 0431 919537

email: museoarcheoaquileia@beniculturali.it