The Exhibit: “Magnifici Ritorni. Treasures of Aquileia in the Kunsthistorisches Museum of Vienna”


The Exhibit: “Magnifici Ritorni. Treasures of Aquileia in the Kunsthistorisches Museum of Vienna”

The exhibition aims to celebrate the 2200 years since the foundation of the ancient roman city of Aquileia.

It is organized by a joint effort between the Aquileia Foundation, the Museum Complex of Friuli Venezia Giulia and the Kunsthistorisches Museum of Vienna, with the patronage of the Municipality of Aquileia and in collaboration with the So.Co.Ba Foundation.

The inauguration will take place Saturday 8 June.

A journey through time that takes us back to the Aquileia of ancient times, but also to the Aquileia of the late 19th century, when the city was part of the Hapsburg Empire.

The 110 displayed works of the Kunsthistorisches Museum that were once part of the Viennese collection, represent the institutional alternative to private collecting of local families and were fundamental in preventing the dispersion of material on the antiques market.

In occasion of the exhibit, some of the most important archeological finds coming from the Aquileian site and currently part of the permanent collection in the Kunsthistorisches Museum, return to the city after almost 200 years.

An important opportunity to present, in many cases for the first time since their discovery, some of the masterpieces of the Adriatic city within the context for which they were created.

It is also a chance to valorise the historic effort that the city of Aquileia has put into excavating, collecting and researching its history for more than two centuries, in order to unearth and rediscover the greatness of its roman past.

Opening Times and Prices


Open Tuesday to Sunday (closed Monday)

Hours: 10am- 7pm, the ticket office closes at 6pm



10€ - National Archeological Museum entrance + exhibition

16€ - Access to National Archeological Museum entrance + exhibition, Basilica, crypts, bell tower, baptisery, domus and episcopal palace.

Free admission:

-          Children under 18 years

-          Persons with disabilities

Free entry for all: 15 June, 12 July, 3 August, 20 September, 4 October, 13 October

For groups, reservation is required.


Phone: 043191035.

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